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Welcome to Speak Don’t

This FREE site helps those who want to master the fear of speaking. Until the book comes out, you can be watching for the opportunity to order it. You soon can get Speak Don’t Freak in your hands – the book to help you with Six Steps to Master the Fear of Speaking.

It will come out from Motivational Press in the fall. The book’s six chapters give how-to’s on all aspects of mastering speaking fear, from motivation to voice work.


For now, this site and its FREE information, tips and action plans exist to help you with all your communication skills.

Who am I?

I, Priscilla Richardson, learned early about power of the written word when I won a shiny bicycle for my first place school safety essay. I have been hooked on the power of effective communication ever since! Publications as diverse as ICMA Public Management and Woman’s Day have featured my work as a freelance writer. Plus I have spoken at numerous seminars and conventions.

In addition, for six and a half years I created a weekly column, finding all the topics, doing the interviews and photographs, and writing the articles.

I taught myself to write through trial and error, mostly error. I believe I can help others avoid the trials and spare them the errors. Credentials? I hold two advanced degrees. These bear a close resemblance to a pig’s tail, highly decorative but not worth squat. When I speak I tell groups I will turn their ideas about writing upside down.

In my opinion, there are no rules of grammar.

You can get me for keynotes or extended sessions on:

Speak Don’t Freak: Six Steps to Master the Fear of Speaking

Write to sell: How to Capture Attention and Sales

Write for the Internet: Easier Writing for Better Results

Also available
Increase Engineer Productivity
Get Ahead Skills
The SAM Plan for Your Personal Financial Solvency

Priscilla Richardson, MA, JD
Author of Speak, Don’t Freak: Six Secrets to Master the Fear of Speaking, due out 2013
P O Box 275 Cloverdale VA 24077-0275

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